Oh my goodness!

Your baby is getting ready to go to college. Well, not yet, but it's on the horizon.

Doesn't it seem like yesterday they were getting ready to go to kindergarten?



Any student who wants to go to college can find a college that is right for them. 

Maybe your child is...
  • The social butterfly, president of the student council and a member of every club the school offers
  • The athlete who plays a different sport every season
  • The introvert who wants to just curl up with a good book
Each teen has their own unique path to follow.

Every school is a "good" school. The key is finding which school is right for your student.

Finding the right school has virtually nothing to do with what they want to study or what they want their career to be. 75% of college students change their major anyway.

The key is understanding what makes your child tick. What excites them, what type of environment motivates them, what opportunities are available and offered in a way that your child will capitalize on them.



This is an exciting time. Embrace it!

You're not alone, we're in this journey together. 



Please reach out, even just to ask a few questions. I'm here to help. Let me know how I can best help you and your student achieve your goals.


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